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Saturday, July 31, 2010

TECHNICAL resource



For many of the resources, you'll need to be able to read PDF files, so you'll want to have the latest free version of Reader. Follow the link.
If you're attempting to watch videos authored by the Wertman Office of Distance Education (WODE), and the performance is less than optimal, make sure you have the most current Quicktime plugin.
MS Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, Powerpoint 2007 file format

NEW! Microsoft Office TutorialsSome of our students are coming to Keuka College with little or no experience with Microsoft Office. Between the numerous papers and presentations you will be generating as a student, it would be extremely beneficial to become familiar with at least Microsoft Word and Powerpoint before your classes start. The Microsoft Web site has some excellent tutorials that will help you get started. You won't be quizzed on either application in this orientation, but rest assured, you are going to want to have a functional knowledge as your courses start.Office 2007:

Office 2003:
NEW! OpenOffice Software and TutorialsIf you don't have, or can't afford MS Office, there is a free application suite called OpenOffice that is very similar to the MS suite, and the files you produce are compatible. From this link, you can download OpenOffice and avail yourself to various support services, including tutorials.
NEW! Basic Computer LiteracyIf you are a neophyte to computers in general, here's a link to some basic computer tutorials for the PC:

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